What Are Some Admiring Features Of iPhone And How It Impress The Users?


Now millions of people own an iPhone, and this brand always stands unique in the market. Due to the technology trend, the features in mobile started evolving constantly. The iOS has apps for everything walking your dog, bringing peace of mind, and more. These factors make Apple is one of the most preferred brands by more people around the world. If you already have this one or plan to buy a new one, knowing the iOS features is best for you. Refer below to know some mind-blowing features that impress the users.

Share Experience With SharePlay

FaceTime has the SharePlay feature that helps to share the experience with your beloved ones. It will bring a more natural feel even if you are long-distance. With spatial voices, audio in FaceTime calls sounds where you positioned the screen, and the new microphone mode can separate the voice from the background noise. You can bring your favorite movies and shows on FaceTime and enjoy watching them together. Also, you can share the music with your friends and listen to them during the video call.

Share With You Message Option

Apple improved the segregation of the message contents you receive with the new update. The messages will be displayed over the new shared with you screen. You can pin your interesting content, and it will be elevated and shared with you. Moreover, the photos you received appear in your photos application. The music sent to you automatically appeared in the shared with you section in apple music. You can easily save the received pictures by tapping a new save button on the right side of the conversation.

Latest Privacy Features

The latest iOS version introduces more privacy controls to protect user information. With the on-device speech reorganization, Siri audio request is processed by default completely and significantly the performance improves. The mail protection option stops senders from knowing if the messages are opened; hide your IP address, so they can’t know your location. App privacy report provides an overview of how the app uses the camera, microphones, photos, and other information in the last week.

Focus Modes

You can find the Do Not Disturb mode in both android and iOS. But Apple enhances this experience with updated focus mode. Unlike the android DND mode, the Apple matches your device to your mindset. It will automatically filter the notification based on your current activity. You can turn on the Do Not Disturb mode to avoid everything or focus on a specific task like sleep, fitness, gaming, personal time, or others. You can even set a custom homepage for the focus mode and enjoy the complete experience without getting bored at any case.

Bottom Lines

Apart from the above incredible feature, the iPhone has the best options like offloading apps, battery health check, drag and drop, and other choices. These few features are not available in android phones, and it is worth using the iPhone.