Ways to improve the education system in India


Education is one of the significant tools for the upliftment of society. It just does not result in the betterment of livelihood but also aids in the construction of a better nation. There is no doubt that in India, the government and other institution are doing their best for reforming the education system. Unfortunately, the Indian education system is defective in certain areas that need to be taken care of. Listed things are the immediate changes requires in the Indian education system to keep the children in a well-educated state.

Rote Learning

Although the education system is moving towards digital learning, in many institutions still rote learning is followed. One of the biggest reasons is the cost involved to implement smart class learning. The government needs to end this type of learning and must support conceptual learning. The introduction of concept-based learning will help in a better understanding of the subject for students also enable them to implement practically.

Awareness To Parents & Teachers

No matter how much the country has developed, still students are forced (by both parents and teachers) to study only professional courses. It should be changed with proper awareness and students must be given the freedom to opt their preferences in studies. Another initiation from the government is to assess the student’s performance based on their skills and participation in class rather than just on marks. Such assessment will help the students to choose a career in a better way and also it will benefit the society.

Training Of Teachers

It’s a common slogan that teachers are the second parents as they spend more hours with a child than his/her own parents. Nevertheless, they aren’t just teaching the students but molding them into a better citizen of tomorrow. So, efforts must be made to give proper training for teachers both in private and public schools. When teachers create a positive atmosphere in the classroom, students will be willing to involve in their studies. Also, it will give students the courage to share their reasons with teachers about the low performances and make a chance to learn even better and score more.

Technology To Rural Areas

The country’s future development lies in technology. So, it is necessary for the government to allocate the budget to learn about technology. Especially, it is a requirement to have computers in every higher secondary school in the rural areas. When comparatively urban students are acclimatized in using desktops and smartphones for making the education even smart and easy. Therefore, students must be taught about technology from the primary school level.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned are the important issues that need to be resolved in the Indian education system. If these given points are considered seriously, then it is sure that India’s tagline will switch from a developing country to a developed nation. Also, the education system can be compared to the world-class level. So, for the betterment of the nation, these problems require immediate solutions.