How To Reduce Extra Cholesterol In Our Body?


Unhealthy lifestyle choices can cause high cholesterol in your body. However, other reasons including medical conditions, genetics, and medications can also contribute to it. When the fat level increases in your body, instead of showing any symptoms, it increases stroke, and heart disease risk. Instead of dissolved in water, the steroid will be moving around your body. When it is present at a high level in your body, the fatty deposits in blood vessels, and this becomes hard for blood flow through the arteries. So, it is vital to reduce the extra cholesterol from your body. Read the below lines to know the ways to decrease it effectively.

Eat Healthy Foods 

Making a change in your diet can help to improve your heart health and reduce the cholesterol in your body. Avoid eating foods that contain saturated fats including fast food, biscuits, milk chocolate, pudding, butter, and more. Eliminate the Trans fats that are listed in the food labels as partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. The cuisines like frozen pizza, fried foods, non-dairy coffee creamer, and more have Trans fat. Then eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like flaxseeds, seafood, fish, nuts, and others. 

Exercise Regularly 

Adding the exercise and physical activity routines to your schedule can help to reduce the additional cholesterol from your body. Even if you are not overweight, these steps can effectively decrease the fat. Try to spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day on physical activities to get the best result. Also consider the short activities like using stairs instead of the elevator, playing your favorite sports, and others. Regular exercise can result in lowering the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol level. 

Maintain A Healthy Weight 

Having a small amount of additional weight can also lead to high cholesterol levels. If you are over-weighted, then try to reduce it by burning fat with exercises. Avoid drinking sugary beverages, keep track of the calories while eating oily foods and snacks. Incorporate more physical activities like taking a walk during the break, using stairs, and others. Eat healthy foods that contain low or no calories to avoid obesity. Keep a weight according to the BMI measurement to decrease cholesterol. 

Quit Smoking And Alcohol 

Smoking is one of the major risk reasons for heart disease caused by high cholesterol. Also, it makes the arteries harden and leads to atherosclerosis, roughening the artery’s walls and allowing the cholesterol to stick easily. Quit smiling can increase the HDL cholesterol level, improve blood circulation and bring you more benefits. Apart from this, intake of alcohol can lead to high cholesterol. This will break down and rebuild into fat and triglycerides. So, it is best to quit smoking and drinking alcohol.